Full Name
Richard Babich, PhD, CD, C.E.T., MBA ITM, SCMP, CPSM, psmc, CM, C.Mgr., CMgr, FCMI
Job Title
Faculty SAIT School of Business Supply Chain Management and Economics
Speaker Bio
Richard started in the Information Technology (IT) industry at the tender age of 17. His first position was with the Federal Government in design and construction of communications control equipment for air traffic control. For about the next 10 years Richard worked for a multinational telecommunications manufacturer. He also worked for a major Telecommunications Carrier. Later he spent about the next 10 years as the Telecommunications Manager for a major international airport. For approximately the next 10 years Richard was the Telecommunications Branch Head for an Army Brigade Group. Richard has been a member of 3 Squadron of 41 Signal Regiment and has helped positions including: Operations officer, Officer Commanding Transportation and Logistics Troop, Officer Commanding Radio Troop, Officer Commanding Information Technology Troop. Richard has held positions in 41 Signal Regiment including: Adjutant, Recruiting Officer, Officer Commanding Headquarters and Service Support Squadron, Training Cadre Officer. In 2012 Richard became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for a management and educational services organization. He instructs for SAIT Polytechnic and a number of universities and colleges. In 2017 Richard was elected to the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) Alberta board of Governance as a Director at Large.

Richard has been able to develop a unique perspective on Information Technology management as he has worked in the private, public, government and military sectors of the industry. He has honed his skills in product management, project management, staff management, service delivery and cost analysis. He has experience with PBXs, Centrex, Carrier Services, Data, ISDN, ADSL, LANS, WANS, Fiber Optics, PCS, Wireless voice and Data, CCTV, Security Systems, Trunked Radio, cable plant management, marketing, helpdesk management, service delivery planning and development and has also held complimentary positions including telecommunications branch head, telecommunications manager, installation, product management specialist, customer engineering and equipment applications engineer.

Richard has always been at the leading edge of innovation and while working with a major telecommunications manufacturer, worked with a venture capital company to develop voice mail product line for North American distribution. He was an early adopter of Personal Communications Systems (PCS). In 2003 the Canadian Forces Nominated Richard for the covenanted GTEC (Government in Technology Award) for innovation.

Richard has been involved with the development of IT curriculum through out his career. He has participated in the curriculum revamp of a college’s Telecommunication program, was instrumental in having the army review and change its telecommunications management training, and in conjunction with government agencies and the public school board participated in programs to advise on high school electronics curriculum. In 2009 Richard was asked to be the subject matter expert (SME) for the development of Meritus University’s CIS4600 Information Technology Security course. In 2010 Richard was asked to develop the MNGT 370 Supply Chain Management Course and in 2011 to develop MGMT 223 Customer Service Management Course for SAIT Polytechnic. In 2013 Richard was asked to be the SME for Yorkville University’s BBA communications courses.

Richard mentors MBA students for one of the largest Canadian MBA Universities. In 2005 Richard became a faculty member and taught Undergraduate Business and MBA’s for the largest private US University (Phoenix University Calgary Campus). In 2007 Richard was named to the University of Calgary Business Continuing Education Faculty. Richard joined the faculty of Phoenix University on line in 2009. Meritus University named Richard to its faculty in 2009. In 2009 Richard was invited to join the Bachelor of Information Technology Advisory Council (BITM) for Meritus University. In 2010 Richard was asked to join the Faculty of Undergraduate Studies at NAIT, and to join the Business Administration faculty at SAIT Polytechnic. Richard also joined the Centre For Academic Learning Services (CALS) at SAIT Polytechnic in 2010. Richard also teaches for SAIT Polytechnic Business Administration Distance Education. In 2011 Richard was invited to be an industry member of the Program Advisory Committee for the Management major for the SAIT Polytechnic Business Administration Diploma Program. In 2013 Richard joined Mount Royal University’s Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension.

Richard has appeared on the Discovery Channel and other network broadcasts. He is also a keynote speaker.

In 2004 Richard was awarded the Canadian Decoration (CD). In 2014 Richard was awarded the Canadian Decoration 1 (CD1). The Province of Alberta in 2005 awarded Richard the prestigious Alberta Centennial Medal awarded for significant contributions to citizens, community and province. In 2006 Richard was inducted into one of the oldest Orders of Chivalry the Hospitaller Order of Saint John as a Jurat and then promoted to a Companion of the Order (CH). Richard was advanced to the level of knight (KH) within the order in 2009. In 2007 he received a Certificate of Commendation for Service to Scouting Canada. In 2010 Richard was inducted into Delta Mu Delta the International Honour Society in Business for having a 4.0 average on his PhD Studies. Richard was inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society in 2010. In 2013 Richard was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for having made a significant contribution to a particular province, territory, region or community within Canada. This medal was awarded to only .1% of Canada’s population.

Richard’s education includes a Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering Technology from N.A.I.T., is a Certified Engineering Technologist, a Management Development Certificate from the University of Calgary, a Telecommunications Management Certificate from Mount Royal College, an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Management from Athabasca University and a Masters of Business Administration in Information Technology Management Degree (MBA ITM) from Athabasca University. He has also completed the Telecommunications Management Training from the Canadian Forces Communications and Electronics School. In 2005 Richard graduated from the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College and was awarded the designation “pmsc”. Richard completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (PhD) from Northcentral University’s School of Business & Technology with a specialization in management. Richards’s dissertation used Keynesian economic theory as the main theory. Richard completed the Supply Chain Management Association’s (SCMA) program and was conferred as a Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) in 2015. Richard was awarded the (CPSM) Certified Professional In Supply Management from (ISM) Institute of Supply Management. In 2016 In 2016 Richard received the (IFPSM) Global Professional Standard from The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply. Richard Received the Chartered Manager (C. Mgr.) designation from the Canadian Institute of Management in 2016. Richard received the Chartered Manager (CMgr) designation from the Chartered Institute of Management (CMI United Kingdom), and the FCMI (Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute) CMI United Kingdom in 2018. Richard was awarded the Certified Manager (CM) designation from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) United States in 2019. Richard has the Queens Commission and is a Communications and Electronics Engineering Officer in the Army.